Sound Healing

Nurture & renew as you bathe in the sound vibrations of crystal singing bowls, alchemy bowls & Tibetan hammered bowls.  A sound bath offers soft, healing frequencies that soothe & support energetic cleansing, balancing & release as well as feeling deep rest.  Wash away your worries & tension with the gift of sound healing.   


Clients relax comfortably on a massage table during the sound session.  


                  Winter Blues Sound Bath

Beat the blues & escape the stress of the season with this gentle session of soft vibrational goodness.  Release your busy thoughts & allow the sound to support your body's natural frequencies, inviting you into a more rested place of calm and alignment.  

                        $40 (30 min) or $60 (1 hour)

                   Chakra Balancing Bath 

Release negativity & blockages as you experience intentional progression through each bowl as it corresponds with your chakras to clear energetic debris. Open the natural flow of harmony attuning yourself to an ideal state of well-being and balance.   

                       $40 (30 min) or $60 (1 hour)

                   Reiki & Sound Restoration

Welcome soothing energy as you relax into a quiet, gentle Reiki session to activate your energy flow.  Followed with a calming sound bath to quiet your mind, fall into deeper rest & feel the flow of nourishing sound.  Let your nervous system relax as you tap into remembering how you want to feel, whole & nourished.   

                                        $75 (90 minutes)

Schedule your session today with Marie at (206) 501-1204

                                              Important To Read

Due to the frequencies of sound vibrations, participating in a sound bath may be risky for women who are pregnant, especially within the first 12 weeks of pregnancy.  Sensitivity to sound may be triggered by the sound frequencies. the rhythm of a pacemaker & conditions such as Epilepsy, Meniere's disease & Tinnitus may be triggered by the sound frequencies. Metal implants, screws 7 pins may be impacted by the sound vibrations as well. Please check with your physician prior to participating if you have any concerns about any & all risks to your person. 

All Prices Subject To Change Without Notice

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* Early morning appointments available by phone

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