Signature Massage  


Ease stress with this classic, highly

requested massage focusing on troubled areas & receive a hot  towel aromatherapy foot wrap.

     75 min - $95   



             Amp Up Your Service With:

         -Deep tissue-$15

         -Hot Stone-$25


        -Hot towel foot wraps-$10


CBD Cream Add-On+ $15

CBD Foot Refresher $45 (30 min)

CBD breathes life into muscles with anti-inflammatory, antioxidant and restorative results!

   Hawaii Dreams Massage   

Experience the benefits of our Signature massage with an island twist using a custom blend of essentials oils. Escape the cold with scents of Jasmine, Lavender, Bergamot & Lime.

  75 min-$100


           Couples Massage


Enjoy a refreshing foot soak together in our relaxing Mediterranean room followed by a side by side Signature massage with the one you Love

        2 hours  - $145 per person

          Pregnancy Massage  

This nurturing massage for expectant mothers reduces many of the physical, pregnancy induced  challenges. Mother lies safely and comfortably while muscle aches, fatigue and water retention are eased

                   45 min - $60

                   60 min - $80

                   75 min - $95

                     Swedish Massage                                                                                                  This stress relieving massage utilizes long, flowing strokes to reduce tension, increase circulation & induce                        relaxation.                           30 min -$45 

60 min-$80

 90 min-$110

                        2 hour-$160                                                                                                                                                                                                                 


      Back, Neck & Shoulders


For those on a time crunch looking for a quick, tension-releasing massage.                             

                      45 min - $65

                         Sports Massage

Ideal for rehabilitating and preventing an injury, breaking up scar tissue and stretching the area. Great for active or inactive bodies in need of a good stretch


                      60 min - $90


              Hot Stone Massage   

Experience deep, restorative, penetrating massage that soothes the mind and muscles with this full body hot stone          massage

  45 min - $70

60 min- $95

75 min - $115

 90 min-$135

 2 hour-$185 

              Deep Tissue Massage   

A deeper level of massage for those needing intense bodywork. 

  60 min-$95

75 min - $115

 90 min-$135

 2 hour-$185 

All Prices Subject To Change Without Notice