Booking with our team

Schedule with Cathy for natural nails, sugar scrubs, nail polish & paraffin treatments on hands and feet. 

Cash or check to Cathy.

Schedule with Carmen for hot stone 

pedicures, marine pedicures, natural nails, sugar scrub, paraffin treatment on hands & feet, nail polish, nail art or shellac.  Cash, check, gift card or credit card to EDS. 

   Spa Manicure

  Nails are trimmed and filed, cuticles are softened and pushed back. Lotion and nails are cleaned and polished.

 30 min - $27


      Spa Combo    

       combination of both services above

    60 min - $55


Paraffin Pedicure

 Same as a Spa Pedi plus feet are dipped in warm, aromatherapy paraffin wax, then wrapped in booties.  You then relax while feet are being softened and renewed.

        Followed by Calf and Leg Massage.    

  60 min -$45      


Paraffin Manicure

Same as Spa Mani plus hands are dipped in paraffin wax, then wrapped in gloves to soften and renew skin, followed by hand massage and polish.  

45 min - $33


Paraffin Combo

        Combination of both paraffin services above 

75min - $65


   Special Services by Carmen

CBD Foot Refresher $45 **

CBD Foot Soak Add-On  $5

Traditional Foot Refresher $30 **

Shellac Manicure   $37

Hot Stone Pedicure  $45

*Marine Pedicure  $45

*Marine and Hot Stone   $60

*Marine Pedi includes tingly clay mask with feet wrapped in hot towels using Eucalyptus & Peppermint. For a fresh, soothing and invigorating treatment. 

**Does not include polish.

Nail Services

Spa Pedicure 

 Toe nails are trimmed, filed and cuticles are softened and pushed back. Rough heels are filed and smoothed. Feet and calves are then exfoliated with sugar scrub.Toenails are then cleaned and polished.

30 min -  $30


All Prices Subject To Change Without Notice

Tuesday - Saturday: 10am~6pm

* Early morning appointments available by phone

 *Hours can vary during the week as we try to accommodate our clients needs

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