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Semi Permanent Make-Up With Susan

So you're considering having a procedure done and probably have some questions, like "what is permanent

makeup ?" "how long does it last ?" "does it hurt ?" and of course " how much does it cost ?"

Permanent makeup is considered micro-pigmentation, similar to tattoos. It involves using a needle to place pigmented granules beneath the upper layers of the skin. I only use the highest quality pigment on your face and you will love the totally natural look after the healing period of 5-10 days. ( Total healing time is 3 weeks )

The length of time that it lasts depends on various factors, such as, how much sun exposure you get on your face, the type of skincare creams and cleansers that you use and how oily your skin is. Usually a touch up is needed between 1 1/2- 3 years.  That's why most technicians refer to it as "semi permanent make-up".

There is very little discomfort when doing eyebrows and lips, but eyeliner can be more uncomfortable, therefore it can take a few appointments to achieve good results. I only use the very best topical anesthetic on my clients.

I often get asked "what's the difference between microblading and permanent make-up?"  It's the way the procedure is performed. I can get the same results of hair strokes with my tattoo pen, but longer lasting and less cost to you.

All fees include consultation, initial procedure and follow up ( fine tuning) appointment. 


EYELINER ( PER SESSION)           $100

(Any future touch up appointments are currently $100 per half hour)

All Prices Subject To Change Without Notice

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