Introductory Session

This 30 min treatment introduces

you to the benefits of reflexology


         Foot Pain Treatment

This 60 min treatment is geared towards those who suffer from foot pain ailments  such as Plantar Fasiciitis 


                    Harmony & Balance  

 This 60 min session is designed  to help create your

goal of well being. You will enjoy starting off with a revitalizing foot soak followed by reflexology (hand

               & ear reflexology may be included)


 Benefits of Reflexology

 * Reduces stress & induces deep relaxation

 * Enhances circulation

 * Cleanses body of toxins & impurities

 * Brings balance to the whole system

 * Revitalizes Energy

 * Stimulates creativity & productivity


 Specific Conditions Where

 Reflexology Might Be Helpful

 * Allergies & Sinus Problems       * Arthritis

 * Back Pain & Sciatica                  * Constipation

 * Headaches & Migraines            * Insomnia

 * Neck & Shoulder discomfort    * Stress

Tuesday - Saturday: 10am~6pm

* Early morning appointments available by phone

 *Hours can vary during the week as we try to accommodate our clients needs

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