What Is Reiki?


Reiki is an ages old traditional Japanese form of healing.  It is the focusing by a Reiki practitioner of the natural healing force we all have within us.  Reiki practioners are initiated and attuned to be highly sensitive to this energy, so that it can be channeled more effectively. 


Reiki is performed with the receiver lying comfortably on a massage or Reiki table.  The practitioner places their hands very lightly on or very close to the receiver.  Each movement centers on the energy in the receiver's body.  This balances the body's energy. 


Reiki is used by natural healers worldwide.  It is also increasingly being used in hospital and medical clinic settings.  Dr.
Mehmet Oz has recommended Reiki as his "number one Dr's order."

      Why Should I try it?


Reiki is an easy, safe, natural way to address the stress of daily life.  You will normally awaken after the treatment feeling awake, calm and focused.  This is the typical experience people have when they receive Reiki.

                       Express Reiki

This treatment is a 30 minute refreshing treatment and focuses on calming the mind.  

                              $30/30 min

         Traditional Reiki Treatment


This is a full body treatment that helps to release mental and physical stress and leaves a feeling of overall relaxation.   

                           $50/60 min

$75/90 min

    Schedule your Reiki or Sound Sessions with                            Marie at (206) 501-1204 

                Reiki & Sound Restoration


 Welcome soothing energy as you relax into a quiet, gentle Reiki session to activate your energy flow.  Followed with a calming sound bath to quiet your mind, fall into deeper rest & feel the flow of nourishing sound. Let your nervous system relax as you tap into feeling balanced, whole & nourished. 

                 $75.00 (1 hour 30 min)

All Prices Subject To Change Without Notice

Tuesday - Saturday: 10am~6pm

* Early morning appointments available by phone

 *Hours can vary during the week as we try to accommodate our clients needs

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